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Fragments from Floyd

Webs Laid Low With Pasture Mow

For everything you get, you give up something.

We are very happy to have our pasture mowed. But that means that there will be no more spider webs festooned from the tall grasses, dew-covered and bejeweled, backlit by the sun when it finally crests the east ridge.

So here, two birds (er, spiders) with one rock: a brief tribute to our web weavers that will return after a few weeks of pasture uprising; and a subject to weave into a little story using a new media tool called Shorthand:social.

It really does offer a better photo-essay medium than the tiny width of this blog space for full-dimension images. Hope you agree.

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1 thought on “Webs Laid Low With Pasture Mow”

  1. That is an excellent media tool for photo essays. I tried to share it on Facebook, however, and got a message that the feature wasn’t functioning and to try later. I had never seen the webs so well before on the blog and was amazed how much like stainless steel they looked in the first photos.

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