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Fragments from Floyd

Testing. As per recent usual.

I continue to struggle with the devil on my left shoulder that keeps insisting that I must be more productive of shared thoughts and conversation-starters and the one on my right that tells me I have become irrelevant and off in an eddy of society that no longer has anything to contribute to public dialogue. … Read more

Fools Rush In

So I had some text here and saved as draft but the text was lost. Discouraging. At every step I take one increment forward, then two backwards. There remain more than a few bottlenecks, and until I get past them, I’ll be spinning my wheels in the sand.  Blackened Seasoning Sprinkle grouper filets with Louisiana Fish … Read more


I’m sure you are familiar with murmurations of flocking birds. I am too. But I cannot look away. At times, up to a million birds move as one. I don’t understand the physics or the biology. But obviously, the starlings do.

Fragments: A Fresh Coat of Paint

Same Blogger, Different Porch Stay tuned while Elderly Dog learns New Tricks,  and the dust settles on Fragments–Still from Floyd by Fred First Yes, I’m aware this is quite a bit different from what surviving Fragments readers have seen here since 2002.  I can’t say for certain that the life of this blog is going … Read more

IF Power is Out on a Three Dog Night

The wife and I are living under the jurisdiction of a new Energy Domain: new to solar panels, new to heat pumps and new to Generac propane generators. We are not so new to power outages, and wondering about “best practices” if, say, the power is out extending into and lasting through at least one … Read more