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McKibben Walks the Talk

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He fully expected to go to jail over his protest against the Keystone XL tar sands project and pipeline. He intended to put himself in harm’s way. And if you haven’t read about Keystone, be assured it will cause harm on quite a number of fronts.

Based on tweets from DC just now, Bill is on his way to the station. The Tar Sands Action will continue until September 3. If you keep your eyes and ears halfway open, you’ll likely learn more–and the protestors will be seen as demonic anarchists or as brave souls standing up for legitimate concerns in our stead and for our ultimate good–depending on your choice of media source. These protestors are not going to be very popular with the drill-baby-drill crowd, but will be admired by the folks who think we bear responsibility for a future that moves us soon beyond carbon fuels.

Read more, send a word of support…

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  1. I went to your “read more” link, and learned that they wanted photos of supporters holding up encouraging signs. They will be projected on the walls of the church basements where the activists will be training and preparing. So, I just e-mailed my photo, with the sign: “Old folks support your action, too!”
    Please keep your blog readers caught up on this White House sit-in, because I doubt that the media will do a very good job..

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