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100% Beef-ish: Show Don’t Sell

Wall-e meets Gromit goes grocery shopping.

Chipotle scores in this un-commercial info-tainment animated moral tale. We have become the undead among unfoods.

There is another way to feed ourselves.

â–¶ Slow foods, local foods: buy

â–¶ Fast foods, long-distance foods: sell

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What Does ‘The Scarecrow,’ Chipotle’s Animated Ad, Tell Us About the Company? : The New Yorker

2 thoughts on “100% Beef-ish: Show Don’t Sell”

  1. True confession: I’ve only been to one Chipotle–a stone’s throw from U of MO. It was okay. It might have been better if I’d known they at least feign towards buying local and organic. Not sure if their buyers heads really are in the right place, but their animated Story of Food sure is.

  2. The story is great… would be even more fabulous if this is truly the case for Chipotle….I’ve been only once and it was, meh.

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