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One Flu Over: Contagion (NOT) Coming to Town?

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I feel sure no one who stumbles onto this web site has been following the recent building of tension related to the impending publication of a research project whose public disclosure could be the equivalent of “how to make a suitcase nuke.” In this case, it’s a bioterrorists dream come true: a highly lethal, highly contagious human-engineered flu virus.

If you want to come up to speed on the topic (it is likely to become front page news soon if not already) this piece at Atlantic Wire offers reasons to NOT be afraid of New Flu even though a recent Daily Mail article on the topic contains the quote from an expert: ‘Anthrax isn’t scary at all compared to this’: Man-made flu virus with potential to wipe out many millions should never have been created, warns frightened scientist | Mail Online

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2 thoughts on “One Flu Over: Contagion (NOT) Coming to Town?”

  1. I have been following that story with a growing sense of unease. But then I half-believe that Aids was created in a test-tube and that there may be some people who think that a cull of our species is the answer to the woes of the planet.

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