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Fragments from Floyd

Unilateral withdrawal

… But hoping for bilateral re-entry again by Christmas time.

Thinking back to the surgery on the left hand a year ago April: at least for the first several days, I’ll have to keep my arm elevated to shoulder height to prevent swelling in my hand and fingers.

So I might end up dictating blog posts – if I’m up to even thinking about such a thing — sitting on the couch with my arm propped up beside me, using the phone to dictate rather than sitting in my usual office chair at the desk.

So couch-blogging is what I’m doing now, with the dog trying to lick my face, and if she barks, I suppose she will be doing her own dictation here, but that is a risk I will have to take. Woof.

I may be doing more writing through Twitter than anything else for the next few weeks, so check the sidebar here for recent Twitter posts that will chronicle the challenges and delights of being a left-handed one armed man.
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