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Waste Not: Food Stewardship


Top headline here that I don’t want you to miss is that THIS WEEK–on Wednesday March 2, SustainFloyd will be presenting the first in our Spring movie season.

Both the first and the second movies this year are about our relationship with food–a topic much in the headlines lately. Matter of fact, the current issue of NatGeo is on this topic exactly.

So plan to join us for the meal at 6:00 and the movie at 6:30–each for a mere $5 donation. See the season roster and mark your calendar.

Then mark your calendar for another Wednesday–April 6– for Just Eat It–another film that should make you (and your children) more aware of the edible food you throw away.

And finally, on May 11 comes one I’m looking forward to after reading Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything. If you want a bigger-picture look at the wrong directions our civilization seems determined to follow off the cliff, this film will give you that 30 thousand foot view. Climate chaos is just one of the by-products of our wrong-headed thinking about planet-as-commodity.

In my former life before I got so busy being retired, I would have synthesized a number of the articles I’ve only partially read (gathered at the link below) on the topic of food waste prevention. This will be the topic of discussion following Wednesday night’s movie. What we always hope is the talk will lead to a change in our walk.

So I will append this list of references mostly for my own use, but they represent a good starting place for backgrounding on the topic of food waste/prevention.

A list of links to food waste issues and how they are being addressed, gathered for reading by me. For you. Well, really for me, but you can look.

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  1. I read that Peter Foster article. Oh brother. Mainstream journalists sure are mindless. His whole argument was a fuss about the Cree woman using non-native stuff in her life, ending with the assertion that this is the best of times because of all that stuff. Sigh.

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