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Fragments from Floyd

Well-traveled. Still Well

We’ve just returned from a few thousand travel miles that afforded our little hands access to all sorts of public places, hardware, menus, crowds, sneezes and unavoidable road bush meat, and we are waiting for the other stinky shoe to drop.

How often do you come home from a trip only to come down with the creepy-crud?

So today’s post is about staying well. Or not. Enjoy. But afterward, wipe that smile or grimace off your face with a 60% or better alcohol wipe.

First, this. Yeah, make the healthy choice. Order the chicken.

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AARP offers some obvious but knowingly-ignored sources to access to other people’s dys-hygenic habits that can make you sick.

And speaking of bush meat: The stuff is imported illegally from Africa in suitcases into Britain. So if you don’t want blood pudding for breakfast in London, there ARE other options.  Ebola’s probably not coming to a downtown bus near you, but it IS on the move. 

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