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Fragments from Floyd

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Well, here we are — the harsh reality of the future has arrived, and it could not be fully anticipated until it got here. On the list of personal dope slap moments comes the first time when I realize I haven’t reconciled the bank account or paid my state taxes and that I won’t be able to sign checks or sign books for least another two months. And I will not be able to use the mouse I have with the right hand in a cast anything like I thought I might be able to.

That said, I’m very thankful for an uneventful surgery and a night if not of much sleep at least without severe pain. as with the first surgery, I have not resorted to taking pain meds yet, but the fat lady is warming up!

And I promise not to turn what little bit of blogging I’m able to do into a pity party, Though the dictation and other limitations  Of expression are extremely frustrating, as you might imagine.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a lot more reading than writing in the next two months, and not much of it will end up on the blog. I will share this one graphic that I ran across this morning.

It shows the drastically accelerating rate of melting in the Arctic, and the article  (click the graph to go to the link) describes how Wind patterns will shift over North America and Europe, and indeed already have, contributing to both heavy rains and snows in some places and droughts in others.

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  1. Miami has had 80″ of rain so far this year – far more than normal.

    Other than a few mis-capitalized words, I think the diction program works very well, indeed. I hope you enjoy Abram’s books.

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