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Fragments from Floyd

The Glue That Holds Us Together


In light of the most recent evidence that we are a species capable of destruction and profound hatred, it seems more important than ever to reassert our potential to create and to love.

In the end, the power of love and trust and the good will win. It’s going to be a long, hard struggle. And maybe not in this lifetime.

And one force against the darkness is to hold up our better nature and the creations that come from it: creations in clay and stone,  melody and light, words and pixels. This is who we are–the part that will not yield to terror or tyranny.

So consider joining us Thursday night in Floyd to hold that candle to the night with music that has endured across world wars and wars of words and the acts of a few soulless, twisted wraiths that once were men.

[click the image to enlarge for detail, the order tickets online or get them from the Jacksonville Center or buy them at the door.]

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