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Fragments from Floyd

Earth and Sky

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The first month is free, so in thinking I have “forced” myself to shoot more video, I’ve got an out. But I hope I find the Vimeo Plus account for $60 a year worth the expense to my little biz.

I’m thinking that it would be neat to embed short videos in my “multimedia” presentations (or future Prezi packages) that to date have used only my digital stills plus background music or spoken word or text over image.

I now have some tools for use with my iPhone 5s for both low light, slow motion and time-lapse video. I still have the HandyCam 260v that I stopped using partly because I was running out of hard drive space. The new internal 3TB drive fixed that.

So here’s the first use of the Time Lapse app, OlloClip wide angle clip-on lens, and my ancient tripod, in place for only 25 minutes.  More, I’m reasonably sure, to come.

I need a source for free legal music (if such a thing exists). I’m a little disappointed (but not surprised) that there is a good bit of aberration in the lens–more by far in the fisheye lens that is part of the kit. (The newer 4 lens kit I think has improved on this defect.)

5 thoughts on “Earth and Sky”

  1. Fred, for short videos like this you could just record the sound of nature out in the field, or the creek running with bird calls…

  2. And I have those clips (wind, creeks, crickets and such) of about this length. For longer bits, some moody music might be in order.

  3. Well this inhales great gasps of negative pressure. So far I’ve not been able to confirm that there is any way at all to upload my own audio to Vimeo. That may just be a deal-killer at the end of my one month trial of Vimeo Plus. Still searching, so far discouraged.

  4. Nope. Cannot upload mp3s or any other audio after video is uploaded. They have to be added in post-production before download. This means either using iMovie (meh…) or paying large bucks for a more robust video editing software program. Looking bleak for Vimeo Plus.

  5. I’m debating on buying a real video editing program myself. I had a demo of the Corel program that seemed to work pretty good for under $100. Still thinking though…

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