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Future Fuels for Free?

There are enough possibilities for this topic that are based on solid science to warrant a longer look for me, and then there is some over-statement and razzle-dazzle as well. I will let you wander and browse the links and videos on the web sources listed here and you can make your own judgment about it all.

N Tesla’s experiments from more than 100 years ago apparently transmitted electricity over a distance of some miles without wires. This is not the same as transmitting radio waves. This is getting electricity from point A to power devices at point B. The story is that his financier, JP Morgan realized the threat this would represent to his new copper wire transmission of electricity and the funding for competor Tesla was cut off and the inventor emasculated professionally.

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There are other stories of similar destruction of prototypes and inventors that threatened the multi-TRILLION dollar energy corporatocracy, and this is not hard to believe. Look at what is happening in our own time with the best interests of future generations taking a back seat to those who will suck and sell every bit of carbon from the ground come hell or high waters. We can be reasonably assured of the latter within your grand children’s lifetimes. The former–well, as the Bible says of the callous rich “they have their reward.”

So it is a fact that power generation without propellants aboard space vehicles is currently under development. See this Press Release from U of Maryland. I have created Google Alerts for RINGS (Resonant Inductive Near-field Generation System) that might well power future space flight; and WPR (wireless power transfer.)

This could very well represent the potential for major changes in the need for battery storage and transmission lines from power source to end user, and democratize energy across landscapes and societies currently living in energy poverty with all the spin-off health and well-being hardships that go with lack of electricity.

But of course there are things to think about:

â–º Could any energy like this be totally FREE if the generator devices are made from increasingly rare minerals and demand is not limited in any way?

â–º What would it take for the Top Energy Dogs to allow this to happen if they can’t get rich from metered energy?

â–º What would the consequences of ubiquitous energy from the electromagnetic fields of the planet be to the planet if 1) we don’t take an active role in controlling human population? and 2) If we don’t restructure our economy so that it is not just a bigger better engine to turn planet into profit and now unlimited by energy to do so?

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Press Release, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

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