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Going, Going. GoogleGone!

I thought I’d jump in here and post something quickly–before the Google empire decides to disappear again.

First thing this morning, I could get anyplace on the web EXCEPT if it was owned by Google.

No Gmail. No Blogger. No Adsense reports. No personal search history page. Google News was there but sluggish.

Now, mail is back–sort of–and has been SENDING a single short email now for several minutes, and will probably crash. So I’m expecting the same thing to happen when I try to send this post–wanna bet?

So just in the way of a warning if you’re online day is just starting: the bridge to Google may be out. That the entire empire can be effected (by a server-swarm failure, by a hacker, by whatever) gives one pause before investing fully in the Google empire of apps. At least it does me.

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  1. Right on Fred – I now back up mail and calendar in my Apple equivalent. Scary to be so dependent – you also have Blogger. I find that nearly all my apps now are Google – I even use docs – I read you on Reader

    Off to France
    All the best

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