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UPDATE 2 pm 29 Jan: Thanks to 7 ad clickers, this morning’s grand total of 31 AdSense pennies jumped to more than $4 today. Much appreciated, and consider giving an occasional peek at an ad while you’re visiting the blog. I’m not in it for the money, but I’m not opposed to making my hobbies come closer to break-even. Yoo Hooo!

Doh! Murphy was right: whatever you want to do, you have to do something else first. (And the corollary is also true: whatever you want to do takes longer than you think. And costs more than you figured.)

I have no way to say for sure. I used a different kind of CD-R disk yesterday and the NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A built into my 3.5 year old Dell XPS desktop still gives me E800418ac: fixation error after it seemingly has copied files to disk. If I had a second machine and could try it there, I could rule out a Windows problem. As it is, I could put in a new drive and STILL not be able to move image files from 2000 through 2004 from the hard drive to disk storage. With the 16 Mb RAW images from the D200, I’m going to be needing to make room. Doh! Nothing on the web about fixing this problem that seems solid. Machine no longer under warranty. Doh!

Also under HELP WANTED: any Virginia readers who know about events coming up in 2007 where a starving author could pitch his books to a potential readership, please let me know. This morning, emails sent to the Galax Book Festival and the Fall for the Book festival at George Mason in September. I know there are others. Somebody out there in bookfestland might even consider a self-published author–ya think?

Also, I’d still be grateful for supportive reviews of SRH at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And I trust the Google Adsense ads aren’t causing a great deal of wretching out there in Fragments land. Heck, man, I’ve already made 31 cents! At this rate, I can pay almost 15% of my DSL charges per month! Click on a couple of those links, wouldja, so I can see if they make any discernable difference at all in “income”. Hmmm. Slow going. But then the continents have spread apart going only 1 millimeter every hundred years. I’m patient. If not immortal.

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  1. Fred, I have gone the route the pro photographers seem to be going. Backup to multiple USB 2.0 Portable Hard drives. The prices are dropping and it’s much quicker than trying to burn dvd/cd’s. I set in a seminar with a couple of National Geographic Photogs yesterday and that seems to be their answer. When you get as serious about images as they are that’s their travel solution. At home they seem to be using file servers with raid arrays in the multi-terabyte size.
    Kinda makes you humble to contemplate that many images…

  2. Fred:

    What Gary said. I use external hard drives for extra storage and backup. You can buy a 500mb USB and/or Firewire drive for next to nothing and use it for backup and then add a portable hard drive for on-the-go storage. For my Mac, I use a RAID array that provides 10 terrabytes of storage for photos and video work and then a second raid array for backup.