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Notezilla: Sticky Notes Brain Extender

Work Flow and Organization Habits are like belly buttons: everybody’s got one.

But getting better at keeping projects, bills, calls, emails, deadlines, blogs, columns, and honey-do’s all done well and on time–at least for me–gets more complicated as life (paradoxically) gets MORE complicated here in our SILVER YEARS and the cerebral software needs more frequent rebooting.

I thought I’d mention a few of these over the next little bit, as some of you may find them helpful as I have.

Notezilla is the latest version (and name change) of a sticky-note software I’ve used for a couple of years. Formerly called Quick Notes Plus, I debated about upgrading. There is always the risk of having so many different methods and destinations to store facts and factoids and alarms that the tools make the task MORE complicated rather than less.

But in the end, I took the gamble, paid the $15 upgrade fee, and am glad I did. Briefly, here’s what this program does for me that sets it apart:

Hot key brings a new note to the desktop. I type a few words or a short paragraph I want to remember or do. That note can be 1) sent to the relevant “memoboard” (think FOLDER) for storage, with or without an alarm. 2) it can immediately be sent to my laptop (with or without a file attachment) or sent as an email. 3) it can immediately be hotkeyed to “stick” only to the webpage, word doc, spreadsheet or html editor I’m using at the time, with text based on the context of that page only, with or without alarms. Next time I call up the page, there’s the sticky with my password, or what I meant to do next time I was on that page.

Function #3 is the one I use constantly. If you participate in a larger network than just your desktop and laptop, this program could be very useful–almost like an instant messenger within your local network.

Your mileage may vary. The program is free to try. What have you got to lose–except your to-do list, your travel expenses, your web addresses for the problem du jour, your…

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