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Online Angst-o-rama

It seems like entropy passes through in waves. I think “things come in threes” is a version of that observation, because it’s hardly ever things coming TOGETHER in threes, one after the other. In the world of mechanics and data, things spontaeously break. It’s only in the amazing world of biology that broken things mend. But that’s a story for when I’m wearing my PT hat. This morning, I speak specifically of things digital.

First, I discovered early last week that my AdSense ads had disappeared from my sidebar. Then later that day, they reappeared. The next day they were gone again. Blogger Gary Boyd told me he had the same problem, but it was a FireFox problem. Sure enough, they show up on MSIE. And should I worry? Problogger is talking about reports of Adsense pay-per-click freefall. So maybe my little problem makes no difference.

Second, while my switch from PC-Cillin Internet Security to Kaspersky Internet Security went fine on the desktop, it failed to install completely on the laptop. I’ll hold my flames pending what now can no longer be a prompt resolution of that problem. But one consequence of the proper installation is that I can’t get to Sitemeter (Kaspersky smells a rat.) Again, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, since Sitemeter seems to have sold out to a sitetracking cookie monster (half a dozen, actually; I just followed the directions at this link and removed them and banned the source––from my browser. You might want to consider doing the same. If anybody thinks this is NOT true, or NOT a problem, I am willing to be disabused of my sadness at the loss of Sitemeter after more than five years of use.

Thirdly, well as I said, Kaspersky. Tech support has responded to two emails, but each time it has taken a full two days (this is the third since the last one and no reply.) So my Friday installion from last week on the laptop still has not been resolved. I’m hoping that once it is, we’ll have smooth sailing. I’ll most definitely let you know the outcome.

3 thoughts on “Online Angst-o-rama”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up re Sitemeter, Fred. I think I’ll be ditching them once I’ve confirmed that the Statcounter account I’ve just set up as a replacement is working okay.

  2. My husband say to tell you his Norton tech support has been very good: same day, too. He also said to be sure you have all your old security off/uninstalled. I have no idea what I’m talking about, being the un-techie in the family.

  3. I’ve used StatCounter for quite a while with no problems.

    In the everything in threes department though I have had my share recently.

    1. Despite having antivirus and antispyware software, plus a firewall, something got in and trashed the operating system. I took the PC to my friendly local computer tech who duly fixed it, but when I got it back:-

    2. No screen display. Said tech suggested that this was because the graphics card had become unseated. Tense moments while he directed me over the phone in how to remove the card and reseat it. That seemed to wqork, although I still get the occasional blank screen that seems to correct itself after a few seconds. More fun and games ahead I expect!

    3. On attempting to transfer some pictures the card reader didn’t work. Another call to the tech revealed that he had disconnected it while reinstalling the OS and forgotten to reconnect. More abortive instructions resulting in a quick trip to his home office for him to find the right connector and reconnect.

    4. On reconnecting everything, half the USB devices didn’t work – for some reason Windows can’t find them gain if I don’t plug them back into the same socket. I suspect that was because I just unplugged rather than shut them down – whatever happened to plug’n’play?. A bit of juggling around, plus reinstallation of the slide scanner software and I think I now have a working system.

    PCs seem to be like cars – the days when you could get under the hood and have any real expectation of understanding what you see are long gone!

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