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Fragments from Floyd

Phoenix: Fragments from the Ashes. Or Not

I’m going to have to do something drastic–not to mention half-informed–to be able to make changes to the sidebar again.

One day last week, comments disappeared, only for a single post. To get it back, I hit republish (my blog is housed off-site, not with Blogger) and when the page reappeared, the background was white. My light gray text disappeared, of course.

A reverting to a saved February template brought back the gray background (and the old header images, and the outdate Adsense blocks, and the first not second set of notecards.

I’d really like to fix all that–and add some important new elements as well–but now if I do as much as add a single space or change one letter of one word in the template, when I preview it, I’m back to the white background .

Blogger forums have been silent to my posts for help. I’m on my own with this one. So if I disappear for a day or three, I am fumbling blind trying to start over with a fresh template and build it back, one item at a time.

I’ll still have Nameless Creek as an outlet for my blogger notions, so check over there if things are FUBAR’ed here. And of course, if anybody has an inkling what might be going on, or how to make this repair/transition without excessive hair pulling, I’m listening. I probably won’t dive in until some time tomorrow.

1 thought on “Phoenix: Fragments from the Ashes. Or Not”

  1. Fred, I have no wisdom about your current blog-conundrum, but I wanted to commiserate since last week’s blog-death makes me sensitive to such woes.

    So far, I’m liking my new blog-home on WordPress…but part of me also fears that everything could again disappear with an errant mouse-click.

    Backup, backup, backup has become my new mantra.

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