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Sense of Presence: Earth Places

I am one of those former young adult dreamers about far-away places that feels like a dream has come true. It is called Google Maps/Google Earth. It can take me any where, any time.

And when (increasingly often) I need a diversion from what passes these days as reality, I fire up the engine and head off: to Glacier National Park; the Smokies; my old stomping grounds in Birmingham or back to survey the Carolina Bays that continue to fascinate me.

If you lack the driving force to drive it yourself, hang on to this 2.5 minute spin around the planet to visit mostly human-made landscapes, but also a few natural places.

Earth: we just couldn’t stay here without you.

Be sure and turn on your speakers (or use headphones as the producers suggest.)

2 thoughts on “Sense of Presence: Earth Places”

  1. Don’t forget about Sky Places also. Google Sky Map app by Mobius allows you to hold your phone up to that bright (or dim) star in the sky and it displays the star name. Also maps constellations, planets, where the moon is about to rise, etc. It doesn’t take you to the stars but at least you can call to them by name.

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