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Fragments from Floyd

Changing My Image

THAT feat might not be possible. But I CAN change my IMAGES–in print. So, I’m up to my elbows in alligators–getting an order ready for Wordsprint like I told you about the other day.

I’ll have 15 of the original 20 reproduced (50 copies); I’ll be having (50x) five brand NEW note cards prepped and printed; and I’ll have a new product, a 6 x 8″ card. I’m only getting three images in this format (75x) for starters. Just this much is going to be a wad of cash.

Click this link to see the first one. Title: Morning Glory. Caption: Such light comes but once; we must be prepared to see it!

Now: off to explore the Olympic Peninsula and book lodging for two nights. I think I’m pretty well set on the where, but want to give it one more look. May is not that far off!

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  1. The link wasn’t to morning glory, but it was to a fantastic photo of an old tree, with the early light from behind. The Thoreau quote was a very good one, too. Your card order sounds good to me! Will they go in that gallery space you spoke of? I’m so glad your collection of beautiful photos will be getting more exposure while your writing has to take some time off.

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