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Fragments from Floyd

Fish or Cut Bait

Blue Ridge Views ~ photo-notecards by Fred First / Click to enlarge

If I save 20% up front, I make that much more down the line–which isn’t much, even then for the photo note cards. They are not high-profit items. But Wordsprint is offering a short-duration 20% discount. I have to decide right away to act or sit still and hush and move on to something else.

[Some of you will remember that it was Wordsprint that created last year’s calendar with my photographs. That was fun. They do good work.]

Not many of you were around to follow the genesis of the first set of five photographic note cards about three years ago. It was the set I ended up calling Blue Ridge Back Roads, and contained several images of our barn and pasture, plus the shot from which I created the cover for Slow Road Home.

I created four sets, adding Blue Ridge Autumn, Blue Ridge Parkway and Views of Floyd, a total of 20 different cards (4.5 x 6.5) with envelopes, and have been selling them for $2 each, usually in sets of 5.

If I continue with this line, I think I’m going to abandon the “sets” format and offer individual cards. But which ones of the 20 should I stock up on? You tell me: if you were to want FIVE, which would they be? Or which FIVE you you be least likely to purchase? Or if you’ve bought sets in the past, which was your favorite?

Beyond just reordering from those that are on file at Wordsprint (and carry no set up costs), if I decide to select another half dozen images for new cards, do I have the time to make that happen?

If I come up with a proposed series, I’ll let you help me decide and will show you the images I’m considering.

2 thoughts on “Fish or Cut Bait”

  1. mabry mill on ice
    parkway tree
    saddle gap

    and; though it’s not listed the view west from Sunnyridge with the road shining in the wet light… Fred it ain’t easy to pick 5; go with your instinct. IMO: These could all hold down real estate in a retail outlet.

  2. Jeff and I agree on two: AC1 and Mabry. My remaining 3 are:
    I think your close-ups of wildflowers would make exceptional cards, too. If I wasn’t making note cards from my husband’s photos, I would sure be buying yours.

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