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Fragments from Floyd

What Goes Around

I would have been inclined at such junctures in blogging years past to put up a “randoms” assorted bag of things I’ve been reading, researching or thinking about. Meh. I already have that kind of stuff stored where I can get to it when the time comes, and links are generally not clicked with this kind of potpourri post.

So you get dog. Two, actually. Going round and round and round. Until (wait for it) they are instructed to do otherwise.

The source of my greater-than-usual distraction is the fact that I am in the early stages of gathering information for a book of fiction. While I seriously doubt it will ever see the light of day, its construction is giving me an excuse to explore current events related to methane hydrates, Black Snow, thermal expansion of the oceans and an ice-free Arctic Ocean.

Then, as they say, some other stuff happens.

Today’s fact is stranger than yesteryear’s fiction. Amazing details of the workings of the world and of nature that we now know, and more amazing what we now know that we don’t yet know.  In my novel, we come to our senses. Also fiction.

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  1. Of course I love watching dogs play! Thanks! I hope you novel writes itself in a good, muse-ey way. Enjoy. Although what I’ve read about being a writer, you can”t really describe the process as fun.

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