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Fragments from Floyd

A Brief Acceleration


Look for left-sidebar twitters (or follow fred1st) or blog updates here and later at the SEJ blog. Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting Polyface Farm hearing from Joel Salatin and others about the future of food in America and the world. I’ll be carrying my camera, too, so hopefully there will be a gallery for you as well.

The colors are near peak in many places–including our valley you see here in a shot grabbed on our morning walk a few days ago.

I haven’t told you about my Monday adventure yet–a day that produced almost 200 images. Life is rushing my direction, guess I’d better hang ten. Slow Road indeed. See you on the other side.

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4 thoughts on “A Brief Acceleration”

  1. Beautiful photo – it has turned out to be a pretty colorful fall this year. And I’m glad to see that you survived your river-bound mystery adventure. I was starting to worry that you fell in! I look forward to being let in on the secret.

  2. Fred,
    Beautiful photos! You may want to check the date your D200 is set to. Seems that your recent photos have a date of October 2007 in the exif data.


  3. Yes, the leaves peaked this past week in the Blue Ridge. What surprised me is that they changed faster than the leaves in the more northern climes of PA and NJ. Maybe something to do with rainfall?

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