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Fragments from Floyd

A Gem of a Day

Whitetop Mountain Band

A good crowd turned out last night at Oak Grove Pavilion to hear the Whitetop Mountain Band–one more cultural event in town where there is definitely more to do than the one trafffic light would suggest. The sidewalks do NOT roll up at 6 o’clock, but you have to know where to look for the entertainment.

More Oak Grove pix, Abby and Tsuga pix and more–at the SUMMER ’07 Smugmug gallery.

2 thoughts on “A Gem of a Day”

  1. Floyd has really grown, since last I was there. I watched the news coverage on WDBJ, via internet.

    I lived on 12 O’Clock Knob Rd, near the top of the mountain. Worked in Salem at the Top Of The Catch Restaurant for about a year or so. I drove up and down that harry, hair pin curved, steep, Salem side of that road many times. That was when I was young and brave and probably a little stupid. But I loved it.

    Even though I didn’t live in Floyd, I wasn’t very far away, and I visited there from time to time. It was a great place then and seems to be even better today. I so look forward to coming home. Love your photos and news updates of the area.

  2. Floyd seems like a really nice place with it imroving and all maybe the next time im in virgina i’ll drive through and see a few things.

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