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Fragments from Floyd

After the Storm


Forest Shadows-One

From my window, the air over the pasture is pale blue with humidity left over from last night’s rain. From the front porch, we hear the creek murmur–weakly, recovering from a month of losing its voice–and from under the maple at the edge of the yard and the forest beyond Nameless creek, the gentle plop-plunk of raindrops falling leaf to leaf to ground.

From deeper in the woods where this picture was taken a few days back, fat raindrops sound as if they were falling on a cardboard box. The broad leaves of Ann’s favorite Frazier Magnolia tree at the edge of the pasture make a sound so distinctive in the aftermath of a storm that my ear knows the species by the sound of rain splatting on its leaves. Larger Image link.

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  1. Fred, my husband and I returned this weekend from an anniversary trip to Roanoke. I talked him into heading out to Floyd. How could we be that close and not check out the beautiful scenery?!

    We enjoyed a portion of the Friday night Jamboree at the Country Store and scoured the crowd to see if we could spot you. We actually ended up at the Pavilion behind the Lutheran church for a production of Saving Sunnydale–excellent!

    As far as ‘After the Storm,’ ever since we returned my husband has been working and getting lights back on from the storm in this area. Our anniversary weekend didn’t quite end the way we wanted!

    But…just wanted to say that we enjoyed our brief time in Floyd and can understand why you love the area so much!

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