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Fragments from Floyd

Another Photog in the First Fam

An isolated but severe snow storm loomed ahead on the SD prairie. Image by HolliÂ

It’s another one of those mornings when I have a long batting list and not enough time in the game to even have a single at-bat–except to post an image that belongs to my daughter.

It was on the strength–literally–of this experience that she went out and got a “real” camera. This shot was taken with her iPhone, and I did some minor work on it in Photoshop.

I think the photography bug has bitten, and there is now one more landscape photog in South Dakota. And I think this is great.

2 thoughts on “Another Photog in the First Fam”

  1. Extraordinary what you can do with the iPhone, and I recently discovered that several lens attachments are available for it, as well. While the iPhone may offer less control, that is still one heck of a shot. Of course, the landscape doesn’t hurt either. Hope we get to see some of your daughter’s real camera photos. 🙂

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