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Fragments from Floyd

Autumn Leaves: Still. Life.


My digital photo experience began in April 2002 with the Nikon CoolPix 950 swivel-model camera–a whopping 2 MB shirt-pocket miracle.

Among my half dozen favorite images from that first year of blogging with images was a shot of water drops on a magnolia leaf along the “New Road.” The subtle colors, the lines of the leaf, the brilliance of the beaded raindrops was, to me, deeply beautiful.

So when we set out on our walk yesterday after a couple of days of heavy sprinkles, I began to notice that we were at just the time of year when I might be able to take another magnolia leaf picture with the Canon Powershot G7X.

I recruited Ann to help me find not just any leaf but one that displayed  both soft muted lighting (which was exactly what the lower overcast gave us) and a natural composition that offered shape, color and form.

And this is what we found. Nothing was touched. I have been known to “improve” compositions by selectively adding or removing as needed. Nothing was needed this time.

Click the image to see the full size picture and go here for the gallery with maybe a dozen shots to start this SmugMug gallery. You will have seen a few of these here.

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  1. Beautiful gallery of fall photos. Your leaf still life is exceptionally lovely. I would enjoy seeing the 2002 one for comparison. 2mg vs. what: 12?

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