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Fragments from Floyd

Baby Steps: Just a Few More…

Thanks to Floyd Virginia Online (a great resource for our town, county and region) for hosting another photo-essay, a selection from the new book.   I’ll plan over time to pair a couple dozen pieces with color images, either the one that accompanies them in black and white in the book (there are close to 30 now!) or a picture I found or remembered that goes well with a particular piece.

I’ll probably create them in InDesign, convert them to pdf and store them at Scribd and link to them from “audio and selections from the book” at a (hopefully) improved web site for this purpose. I may put a chapter or two over at Scribd, and I wouldn’t be the first author to do so. (Sorry, just thinking out loud.)

There will also be a link in the book to a SmugMug gallery with probably both the color and B&W images, plus others that have some connection with one or more stories from the book. I have the link but don’t have many images up over there yet.

Briefly, work is in progress to revise the body text from 11 to 12 point, which does not look so large as to appear to be from a Readers Digest Big Print edition.

Proofs of a sample of interior images got a thumbs up from the printer. Cover text and bar code space is bumping the bleeds so will have to tweak that, no big deal.

The cover has gotten some new energy from someone who thinks outside my tiny box with regard to font usage. I’ll show you either the final, of if I’m given a choice, I may invite you to vote your favorite to help me decide.

The door is still open for those who intend to submit a blurb-review that might go in the book, and it’s always open, once readers have books in hand, to send in a review for a permanent page for that purpose.

By the way, if you read this piece in FVO or via the Scribd page, we just might re-enact the scene tomorrow. Thunderstorms expected, first time this spring.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Steps: Just a Few More…”

  1. Nice piece about springtime thunder. I love and miss thunder, here in southern California, very much, and reading your descriptions was very evocative of my long ago Tennessee experiences.

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