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Fragments from Floyd

Beautiful Weather: in July?

Floyd County Jamboree – July 2007

I have often tagged July as my least favorite month. The heat. The humidity. The general torpor and boringnesss of our traditionally hottest month I can live without.

And at least so far, I’ve really not had much to complain about.

Last night in town, the backdrop of sunset changed every minute. Town was abuzz with Jamboree goers–and those who preferred to enjoy their music from under that wonderful sky in the late afternoon.


All seemed well with the world–even in dreaded July–and we’re enjoying more clear, crisp mid-summer weather that we deserve.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather: in July?”

  1. Floyd is such a beautiful area, it makes me homesick, but I still love seeing your photos.

    This morning it is wonderful, 69 degrees and sunny. I love it. Like you, I hate July and August. We had a few days this past week when it got pretty bad. The heat and humidity in this area is just unbearable. Like walking thru hot pea soup! I’d like to do away with both of those months and go directly to Sept.

  2. OK, I’m envious of both of you…It’s not quite 10am here and it’s already 80 with a humidity of 99%…With all the rain we’ve been having, we are actually running about 10 degrees cooler on average than usual.

    Great sunset shot of downtown there, Fred. Love the colors…and the lights.

  3. we’ve had beautiful weather this weekend, too. last night almost felt like fall.

    i LOVE the jamboree. i hadn’t been asked to dance so many times since i was in middle school! 🙂 i hope we can make it back again sometime…….

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