IMG_2375_HDR 3000

Fragments from Floyd

7 thoughts on “Being There”

  1. Yes, that’s Buffalo Mountain, jutting up above the waves of ridges like a shark fin in the distance I’ve often thought in moments of fancy from that perspective

  2. Thanks, Laura…

    I use Photoshop as my brushes (as a wannabe painter, I suppose) and use different “expressions” depending on the subject matter.

    Nothing fancy: curves and levels on most every image; unsharp mask as needed; dodge or burn for emphasis; filters in combination to bring to the image, as far as possible, not only what I SAW at the point of the photograph, but also what I FELT–or want those who view the image to feel.

    I sometimes use HDR (high dynamic range) measures on single RAW images (like BEING THERE) or multiple low density exposures of the same scene.

    I feel as if I’m just starting up the learning curve for getting the results I want–and that, mostly on the for-the-web images. Getting to the print-ready enlargments for framing or for magazines–or for my dreamed-of future book–is yet another level of knowledge, skill and experience. Miles to go…

  3. I think its a great shot. gives one the feeling of walking out of the forest on to a mountian top. from the darkness into the light. even the sky is full of motion.


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