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Fragments from Floyd


You Wanna Piece of Me?

I was not thrilled with the duty of a trip to town to gather supplies for an afternoon picnic up the valley, but the drive to town at least offered several photo-ops.

This snapping turtle stared me down as I started up the last hill before the hard top.

He impressed me as an ancient warrior–a Goth perhaps–in a coat of mail, shield permanently in place to protect him from behind.

I am sure that when I drove off, he returned to the upright position, retrieved his sword from the side of the road, and continued on his quest for adventure and romance.

Or maybe I’m just a permanent victim of a long history of Gary Larsen exposure.

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  1. That chain mail armor looks strong, flexible, and very effective. I love all the wrinkles in it. Great photo, Fred. Thanks.

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