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Fragments from Floyd

Biota of The Blue Ridge: Showy Orchis

Elizabethan Ladies in Pink Sun Bonnets with White Bodice

I have a bit of a backlog of spring wildflowers and such that would be suitable for this series-theme, so even though most if not all of these blooming things will have gone to seed–literally–by the time I post them, I’ll do so anyway. Old botanical news is still good news. Eh?

I discovered a large patch of perhaps 20 clusters of Showy Orchis along side our rugged road and not a hundred yards from the outhouse-and-ladder scene I posted a while back.

As you might–and should–know, orchids live in a close dependence on soil fungi–called mycorhizae–and duplicating that association, even with a largish rootball, is almost impossible. Transplanted orchids, for that reason, have a low probability of long term survival. So: leave them where you find them, enjoy them with your camera.

RELATED: My outhouse picture has been pirated. I was showing images in a nearby city a few weeks back and the person exclaimed “That’s YOUR picture? I saw it on another site and you didn’t get credit for it.” Hence, the water-marking of images when I can remember to do it. It doesn’t prevent image theft, but it helps I think.

RE caption: bodice is not exactly the word. What would it be? A white lace flouncy blouse, perhaps, ladies? Or a corset? Interesting reading for both items of apparel.

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3 thoughts on “Biota of The Blue Ridge: Showy Orchis”

  1. I liked “bodice” whether is is a real word or not! Writers are allowed a little creativity, right?

  2. It’s a shame people steal other people’s work. I am always very careful to attribute whatever I use on my blog to the proper source. Gorgeous picture – do these orchids grow only in the sun? I have lots and lots of shade and at least one Adam and Eve orchid – couldn’t find it this time – too much greenery!!

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