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Black and White and Long Ago ~ I

Pasture Scene: the feeling of age and time
Pasture Scene: the feeling of age and time

This week’s photo-theme is Black and White and Long Ago. I’ll try to post monochrome images that speak of ages passing in place, buildings, scenes from nearby. I like the feel of old books, the hand-drawn illustrations from pastoral settings and the simple life.  I you have shots with a similar feel and atmosphere, send links for us to visit.

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  1. When I began reading books about mountaineering — that’s to say the accounts written by the mountaineers themselves, rather than glossy ‘coffee table’ picture books — the photos were almost exclusively black and white. So in my mind, black and white mountain photos have become associated with that golden age of mountaineering in the middle years of the 20th century. A while back I had a bit of fun putting some of my own shots into black and white, and imagining them as the backdrop to an account of some of those pioneering alpine ascents. The one colour photo gives the real 21st century context!

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