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Fragments from Floyd

Blue Ridge Soon At Its Peak

October Blue Ridge Virginia Pasture Scene

Even with the late spring frosts, and even possibly because of the dry summer we’ve had overall, some are saying it will be a good fall forest color season. And it is happening fast! Our maple, seen here 11 months ago, has by the end of October lost almost all its leaves, while today, they hold fast, brown-tipped from frostbite in May, but coloring up nicely.

The Blue Ridge Parkway visitors are already finding their way off the high road into Floyd, Galax, and Roanoke–and other reasonably convenient places for gas, lodging and food.

With the seasons so oddly off this year, rather than the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October for peak, it just might be a bit later this year. But then, I’d best consult the local woolybears about that first.

7 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Soon At Its Peak”

  1. That is a real prertty picture it reminds me of where i once lived. Its really nice to see pictures that can trigger memories but as the end of a leafs life draws nearer brings the end of an old year bringing forth a new

  2. I really like the picture that you have posted here. I have always loved autumn, and seeing all of the changing leaves. When I was little, I would press my face against the car window, just to get a good look at the changing colors. I hope you have a pretty autumn as well.

  3. hi fred –been awhile since i stopped by here… the site has changed!! still as lovely as ever. hopefully will make it up to floyd again tomorrow, bringing the chilluns & all “to town” to make a day of it. as it should be.

    hope you are well & happy. sing to nameless creek for me.

    love, s.

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