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Fragments from Floyd

Can’t Stop Dancing ~ One

Bladder Campion at Local Sunrise (around 815 am) Click to Enlarge

I think maybe I was playing John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” on the guitar, and probably singing, too. Our son Nate was maybe 3 or 4. The instant the music started, he commenced to dancing. And as long as I played, he kept dancing until finally he bleated in a pitiful voice: “Stop the music, cause I can’t stop dancing!”

I’m the same way, turns out, when it comes to natural light. These fog-softened mornings of dew lately keep coming and I keep tearing outside with my camera,  cause if the light is playing, I can’t stop dancing.

I’ll show you a half dozen from the last few days.

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  1. My husband’s comment on being shown this photo: “He sure lives in a pretty place.” I am even more inpressed with the great photography. We are looking forward to more of your dewy dawn photos.

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