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Fragments from Floyd

Center of the Universe


A sink-ularity, a small bundle embodying all of time and space. A baby’s bath in the warm kitchen on a winter’s day.

Amazing how such a tiny creature can suck all energy and attention from a group of adults to the exclusion of most everything and everyone else.

And so it’s gone since Thursday, with 3 month old grand daughter Taryn among us. On top of that a day of ice followed by their last day here without electricity and now she and her older sister Abby and her momma are gone back to South Dakota and it’s all a blur–just so much cosmic dust.

But there will be pictures–when we recover from SuperNova Taryn and get back to our regularly scheduled program.

And on an ordinary day not preceded by  events of such cosmic magnitude, I would in all likelihood have linked to these ten best astronomical images of 2007. This is truly mind-expanding (to go along with the girth expanding you might be experiencing as the result of the holiday meals and festivities!)

5 thoughts on “Center of the Universe”

  1. oh yes…babies do that! we hosted our church’s womens group a couple of weeks ago. there were about 20 women and one baby… and you can guess where all the attention went….every gurgle, sigh, and cry gave way to a roomful of ”’ahhhhhs…’ 🙂 what a beautiful little grandaughter you have!

    and great link! what incredible photos! i’ll have to pass that along to my dad….he’ll love it.

  2. Fred – she is just absolutely a beautiful baby……..Isn’t it amazing how baby grand-daughter’s just steal your heart away? My Helena is now 5 and just amazes me all the time with her intellect, her reasoning, and her love of nature – from bugs to butterflies……….Our grandchildren are God’s most precious gift to us…….

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