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Fragments from Floyd

Circling to Settle in

I feel a bit like any dog we’ve ever had. Coming to a potential napping spot, indoors or out, there’s typically a lot of circling–once, twice, sometimes more–before finally having the sense that this is exactly the right place.

So I’ve gotten up from one place that just didn’t seem quite right, and am not yet ready until I circle a few more times to say the blog layout and color scheme and pages are right and I can settle in.

Beware shifting templates and riptides.

Maybe it’s more like a plastic surgery make-over. I can’t settle on my metaphor here. So shoot me.

That said, please let me know if any of the new bits don’t work for you or if the page is slow to load or you have any other issues or comments for change.

Maybe it’s just that sometimes a little liposuction and collagen filler give us the sense that we’re starting over with a new body.

Nothing wrong here that a little digital botox can’t take care of.  We’ll be in the recovery room for a while and back on the wide screen with a tummy tuck and bee-stung lips soon enough.

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