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Fragments from Floyd

Classical Grass

I’m looking around for recent images and can’t seem to find anything but variations on grass. So why resist?

This morning, on the walk sandwiched between early morning canning and late morning travel to the dermatologist, I snagged an image with my handy-dandy new iPhone app, AutoStitch.

This image (hard to see much at this small size) is a pano of five images. It seems to do a good (but not perfect) job of blending between images, and I think I’ll get my two bucks worth out of it.

Meanwhile, I need to get ready to go out and cut the, well, you know…

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  1. Allen’s tiny Sony HX20 does that great stitching, too, and he has printed out huge panoramas for our living room. Fabulous. Your panorama is so beautiful. I think your iPhone is all you need for scenics.

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