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Fragments from Floyd

Coercing Creativity

headbulbs580The Muse responds poorly to pressure. In fact, She cannot be conjured, cajoled or bribed.

But it is possible to create the kind of accommodations that increase the likelihood that cerebral light bulbs will flash and pop, and an idea will take shape.

Some people find they have the most receptive muse-moments while walking in a quiet place; some while catnapping or rocking on the porch or reading a totally unrelated book.

Me, I’m a hydrovehicular creative (if I can claim to be at all). Those few who read my post on this topic at Life, the Universe et Cetera the other day please peck around instead in the archives before you wander off.

(I confess I’m also a DendroRiparian writer-aesthete-creative. You’ll have to figure that one out for your own self.)

Otherwise, read My Best Thoughts Come in the Shower at LU&E and offer a few words about what it takes to bring your Muse your moments.

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