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Fragments from Floyd

Computer Carrion: My Hard Drive

Black Buzzard


Another iPhone wildlife photo op on my forced march to town last week, and appropriate ominous bird of the dead for a morning when I dread what it is I have to do:

Reformat my MacPro hard drive and RESTORE from Time Machine.

The 2008 hard drive has been spinning for much of its lifetime, and it is slowly losing its mind. Time has come for electroshock therapy. I dread it.

So today, after the house is empty of guests for the first time in almost two weeks, I’ll confront the black buzzards of the digital world (sorry, my bird friends, for the slam) and muster the courage to do what needs to be done.

If I disappear from the digital radar (I am not so sure I am even on it on the best of days anymore) then I am in computer purgatory and will hope to be back online shortly. See you on the other side.

Any techy folks out there with words of wisdom for getting Mt Lion purring again, I’m feline the love. Thanks in advance.

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