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Fragments from Floyd

Creek Jots Early April ’12

Any ideas--animal, vegetable or mineral?

â–¶ Regarding the image above: If you know, stifle. If you don’t at first and want to venture a guess, please leave them in comments. Tomorrow I’ll have the answer for you. [HINT: this is not a long-range shot of distant mountain ranges. It is not the hide of an exotic Goose Creek endemic reptile. And it is not one of Ann’s desserts.]

▶ Looking forward to the rainy-day-indoor crazies. We got a nice rain to settle the dust, wet down the cardboard I’m using to kill weeds in the garden, and encourage the snow peas, beets, chard and kale along. Meanwhile, I’m literally being nibbled to death by mouse. She has, mercifully, lost her baby-razors and now has big dog teeth.

â–¶ Catch the Last Pictureshow. Last, at least, for the SustainFloyd movie season. This time, it’s Carbon Nation. It has gotten good reviews from across the political aisle.

….and a few kept snippets from recent browsing, FYI. Worth every penny you paid for it.

â–¶ Live! Great Blue Heron Nest at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

▶ Nature-Deficit Disorder –

▶ Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible: Scientific American

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6 thoughts on “Creek Jots Early April ’12”

  1. Is it the underside of a mushroom?
    Thanks for the link to the great blue heron nest. I will bookmark it next to the live bald eagle cam. Such fun!!! Take care. ARR

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