Creek Jots Early January ‘14

Blog, twitter, facebook and more come together at RebelMouse
Blog, twitter, facebook and more come together at RebelMouse

â–¶ Later today I will fix my RebelMouse site link on the sidebar. [Screen shot above of a small portion of the long scrolling resource.] If you don’t know this aggregator-webpage creator, it pulls together social network posts like my twitter feed, aggregates posts nicely with images from Fragments, and also allows for free-standing blog-like posts exclusively for that site. Give it a look, then follow links back to Fragments to read blog posts you might have missed.

â–¶ Mercifully it is calm at 7 degrees above zero this morning in a winter already reaching colder temps than all of last year. Regrettably, winter is proof that the planet is not warming, according to The Donald. Even so, this remarkable cold is useful for wiping out things like ticks that have plagued us every month of the past two years.

â–¶ I’m suiting up soon, taking cameras afield (with heavily gloved hands) to capture the first creek ice images of the year. There were NONE from last year’s too-mild winter.

â–¶ Two months from today I predict: the first one or two coltsfoot plants blooming in the sheltered south bank below the heat-retaining rocks of our driveway.

â–¶ I’m searching for a way to SEE online the Auburn / Florida State game Monday night. If anybody has found the golden wormhole into such access, this is one game I’d be very interested in watching, and very glad not to do so with my son-in-law, who will be rooting for FLA from the bleachers in CA. Give me a shout if you find a viewable (free?) way in.

â–¶ Interesting thoughts about the direction photography-storytelling is headed. I read Goodbye, Cameras just as (and maybe where) I discovered this Sony Lens-Camera, a Cyber-shot stand-alone or coupled device for which your android or IOS phone is an accessory rather than the other way round. This lens-like form factor is a way (some would same a desperate effort) to save the camera from is phone-form successors. Interesting direction. (Caveat: the iPhone version couples via Wi-Fi. That should connect me as far as the garden shed.)

Global – Digital Imaging – DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10

Cyber-shot QX10, QX100 Lens-style Cameras for smartphone photographers – YouTube

Goodbye, Cameras : The New Yorker

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