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Fragments from Floyd

Currier and Ivy-er


Every winter, I hear it: “Take some pictures of the house.”

She says it lightly, as if doing the Dr. Zivago across the whited planes, putting face and hands at frost-bite risk, standing stark still in the single-digit morning light was the most casual touristy snapshot.

So here’s the image from Winter ’15-16. Currier and Ives, eat your heart out. Here is our “Old Farm House.” Click the image above to enlarge; detail matters.

8 thoughts on “Currier and Ivy-er”

  1. This picture took my breath away, and I can see that details do matter. Until I enlarged the house picture could not see the ice on the stems across from it. Then those two small red splotches of color, just enough for your Christmas decoration, anymore would have detracted from the picture IMO.

  2. Love the picture, Fred. You have such a good eye for photos. The splotch of red on the front porch adds a lot to the photo. I also like how you captured the ice on the stalks in the front of the picture. Good job!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Fred. You still do a great job with photos in spite of cold fingers. So glad TS is moving to Floyd. Yeah! Good place for him. Hi to Ann.

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