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Fragments from Floyd

Darkness and Light, Earth and Sky

Floyd County Farm Scene

More than whiskers on kittens or catching snowflakes on my eyelashes are May days like this one when cloud shadows dip and rise and race away south over parklike pasture. Flicker of light and shadow, warm-coolness, earth and sky–a kaleidoscope of energy and mood, color and composition. And not possible to capture in time and two dimensions, a thousand words much better than a picture of a single instant of a single perfect spring day in Floyd County. Click for larger image, as in a thumbnail of a landscape, so much is lost in translation.

8 thoughts on “Darkness and Light, Earth and Sky”

  1. I have moments like this, seemingly perfect vignettes, beside Missouri hay fields just after harvest. If I were a painter, they would be my subject.

  2. What a wonderful photograph, Fred! You have captured the feeling of those sun/cloud-shadow days perfectly. I love the way the line of cows follows the line of the hill. How did you get those cows to line up like that? 🙂

    I really love this shot.

  3. Stunning! I thought I was the only person who loved dark, menacing clouds roiling across an emerald green landscape…now if there were only gray stone ruins on the horizon…

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