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Digging in Another Place


Back twelve years ago this May, I ran across a quote–“old Chinese proverb” most likely–that explained why I suddenly (but after years of dissatisfaction) left at least a job, if not a career in health care. It said something like this:

“Man, not finding treasure, does not continue digging ever deeper in the same hole. He finds another place to dig, and he begins again, hopefully.”

It’s not a perfect fit for this post. I’m not about to pitch it in and leave blogging. Quite the contrary. I’ll dig on at Fragments, but I’ve started two new holes, you might say–two new subdomains!

One, that I have not touched yet, will be for images. I need to settle on a WordPress template especially for photographers. I need a printing and order fulfillment relationship for sales–at this point, for the photo-notecards some you local folks have seen.

The other site will be for the purpose of exploring and writing about topics that are too broad or too “serious” for Fragments.

Most folks who are faithful to Fragments (mom and a few others) much prefer the nature, place, pets and seasonal slice of life topical posts. I like writing those. But I feel frustrated when I don’t feel I can reach beyond the up close and personal. So…

I have only just begun a new blog I’m calling “Life, the Universe et Cetera” as I think that will be inclusive enough to cover it.

I have a long, long way to go before settling on a theme (just previewing the present one, populating it with a couple of reposts from here). And then will come the sorting out how the three sites interact and how to best display the longer, serialized pieces and images–which will probably take a year.

So for those who are still reading–click over to the new site, if you wish, and read a new post I’ve had in the hopper for a month–about the big Methane Burp building in the gut of the Arctic tundra. As critical issues go, this one is in the top five on my list. Earth Burps Last at Life, The Universe et Cetera. 

Click the tabs up top (PLANET, PLACE etc) to drop down the subtopic categories I’ll hope to flesh out over time. We’ll see how it goes.

Or, go for the thumbnail headshot of Fred at Twenty–in the middle column of the home page. Stud Muffin.

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  1. Wowser, Fred. Good grief. Don’t let too many of us think about this, or we will become even more passive than we already are about changing our ways to live sustainably.

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