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Fragments from Floyd



Alternate title: Fly UnitedNotice how very different these lovely paramours are as they face to opposite poles in this most intimate of moments.

He, the smaller, has much the bigger eyes proprotionally. His visual world through green eyes, then, is likely far different from hers through blue. Things invisible to her he sees with greatest clarity–a matter of survival, or aesthetics perhaps.

She had sent me off on an urgent errand: retrieve the dog who was running off down the road. I shrugged on my boots in grumbling obedience, and tromped down the front steps, leash in hand.

But wait! Check out these ziggy flies! I called back, running inside for my camera.

He’s running down the road, you idiot!

Yeah, but look carefully how different these beauties are. It’s called dimorphism, I explained to her. She harrumphed in disgust.

I rest my case.

5 thoughts on “DiMorphism”

  1. Isn’t it lovely how these splendid serendipity moments show up in our lives when we least expect them? I go off to purchase tea in a shop, weed the garden or walk Cassie, and there is always something to see and marvel at.

  2. Stunning photo, Fred, and an amusing commentary to go with it. I was just trying to photograph on those suckers on a peony flower this morning, but it got away.

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