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Fragments from Floyd

4 thoughts on “Done for Now: Not even Winter Yet!”

  1. My goodness!! At least you still have power … I can only imagine what my property looks like – must be beautiful! But I hear that the wind is picking up and there is another storm on the way, perhaps arriving on Christmas Eve. Stay warm and safe!

  2. Wading out there to take that photo must have been a wet propostion. I bet Tsuga is a fun sight, floundering around.
    Keep us updated if you can.

  3. Stocker’s Knob, 3/4 mi. SSE of Floyd
    Sunday, 5:41 AM

    Road conditions were compounded last night by an application of sleet and then freezing temperatures. Walking the road is dangerous, let alone driving. I’m stuck at home, so the local burger joint is a man short this morning.
    Been thinkin’ about you alot, Fred. I’m sure Tsuga thinks this all a lot of fun, but pioneering gets old pretty quick.

  4. The snow pictures are great. Makes me nostagice. But ice on top of snow is not fun! I hope you don’t get that, too. Actually, ice in any configuation is not fun.

    While there is a break between storms, I want to tell you that the calendar arrived timely and in good shape. It is even more beautiful in real life! I’ll soon have it on the wall.

    May you and yours stay safe and warm and have the time to relax and enjoy, not only the snowy landscape, but also the blessings of Christmas.

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