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Fragments from Floyd

Down to Earth: Toasted Marshmallow Mushrooms

Let’s just say I need to pay way more attention for a day or three to what goes on under my feet than to what goes on in this Chinese Fire Drill of a world of ours.

All world and no play makes Fred a dull boy.

So today, other than slashing up some final-crop tomatoes into freezer bags, I’m off duty. I leave you with this image I remember taking but not exactly where I took it.

I do recall it was some stuffy place where a grown man down on his knees in the foundation mulch probably entered the conversation around the water cooler. Whatever was he doing down there!

I am so lazy as to have made no attempt to identify this fungus, and have dubbed it the Toasted Marshmallow Mushroom. If you can give a Latin name, please do.

[Click here for larger image at Flickr]

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