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Fragments from Floyd

Earth and Sky: Floyd County Panorama ~ May 2010

Republic of Floyd Colors: Green and Blue

I was getting a bad case of folding-metalchair-butt yesterday in two back to back meetings in town, while outdoors, the sky was putting on a grand display of morphing clouds and light.

Fortunately, near dusk, there was enough light to grab some images to stitch together for a pastoral panorama. The small image here is sad–you just can’t do justice to landscapes at 480 pixels wide. So click the image to see a larger version.

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8 thoughts on “Earth and Sky: Floyd County Panorama ~ May 2010”

  1. I’m beginning to understand, you don’t choose the most direct route home, rather you seem to prefer the most panoramic.
    Might come from living down in in a holler?
    The cloudscapes of the plateau are as remarkable as the landscape, thanks for taking the slow way home.

  2. It is the cloudscape that draws me irresistibly into the landscape. Had it been a cloudless early evening, having dinner would have been a higher priority than photography! I could NOT let those clouds go to waste!

  3. Fred, that is just an awesome shot! I can’t seem to figure out the panorama thing, especially when it comes to capturing sky photos. I bow to your expertise!

  4. OMG !!!!
    It’s beautiful.
    This is what drew me to your website years ago…your beautiful photos, especially the sky/landscape photos. The larger version is stunning.
    Thanks Fred !!


  5. What a gorgeous cloudscape. I’m so glad you were rewarded for your patient meeting-attending. I know that scene made your spirit soar. I agree with Mark: it’s your photography that I love best.

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