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Fragments from Floyd



I’m hoping to add one or two “baby leaves glamour shots” to my gallery this year.

One of my favorite things about April is the extraordinary form and delicate color of emerging leaves–such an ordinary thing, a leaf, after it has reached full size and thickness.

Early leaves transmit rather than reflect light, and their relationship to sunlight seems so obviously what they are all about.

Follow the excerpt below to find some leaf portraits from this time last year. Hopefully I’ll add one or two before the first of May.

Maple Morphology

1 thought on “Emergence”

  1. This is a nice addition to your Spring leaf buds. When I was last in the Appalachians in the Spring, I was amazed at the variety of colors of the different leaf buds. The Spring foliage looked as colorful as Fall,only in pastels. I Didn’t remember remember that fact from growing up in Knoxville.

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