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Fragments from Floyd

Fertile Fern Fronds

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Were I still teaching, or if I thought there were blog readers who cared to know the minutiae of pteridophyte reproductive biology, I’d launch into a soliloquy about Interrupted Fern, the structure and function of sporangia, and the place of ferns in the history of land plants.

But suffice it to say that today’s post is lifted to the page simply because I like the title. Try saying it real fast followed immediately by the name of this blog.

3 thoughts on “Fertile Fern Fronds”

  1. tongue twisters aren’t my thing….

    very interesting photo….don’t think i’ve seen this before. i actually would be interested in knowing what’s going on in the photo…..

  2. Great picture Fred. Thanks for sharing.

    You are always one of my most favorite reads so I tagged you with the “Thinking Blog” award on my site.

    Thanks for all the time you spend on writing your blog and sharing your world!

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